Our ecologically grown rice is the finest quality, freshest, tastiest, healthiest, non-glutenous, non-GMO, trait's preserved, ecologically and environmentally sensitive rice you can buy.  It is grown with mostly natural inputs with no fungicides or insecticides in a system that matches conventionally planted rice yields and far surpassing our organic rice yields.   Unless denoted, our rice possess higher amylose levels and associated resistant starches than is generally found on the shelf, lending itself to slower digestive rates and generally lower glucose loads.  It travels very few feet from our highly fertile and organic fields to our highly sanitary and Kosher certified small on-farm rice mill-the shortest path from rice paddy to plate runs through our farm.  Our white rice is always in the white, resealable bag or box, and our brown rice is always the brown, resealable bag or box.

You will find our fresh milled ecogrown Delta Belle Long Grain Rice cooks loosely and not sticky, with an aroma that is buttery with faint vanilla notes, and with kernels that roll about your mouth during the chew; it has an even and lightly springy bite, and with a light sweet front palate and finishing with a buttery taste.  Our ecogrown Beulah Land Tan and Beulah Land Medley Long Grain Brown Rice cooks with buttery and grassy aromas, along with a faint nose of caramel and honey; it yields a chewier, springier, and firmer bite, with a nutty and faint mushroom taste on your palate's front and a vaguely sweet, earthy, and buttery finish.  Our Original Mississippi Middlins Rice Grits cook quickly and absorb flavors most readily for the hurried chef, and when cooked al dente, have a delightful bite and texture that nicely melds with broths, cheeses, sauces, and gravies.  If you prefer aromatic rice, please try our ecogrown Missimati Bayou Bouquet Fragrant Brown or White rice; they also possess sweet and buttery aromas and tastes, along with heavy popcorn and slight lightly toasted coconut and rose aromas.  All of our rice is delicious served by itself, or can preeminently be integrated with delicious fashion into your favorite recipes.

Thank you, and ENJOY!         the Wagner Family 

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